Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gettysburg "weathered" Sandy

We filled the bathtubs with water, filled the gas tank in our cars, sandbagged the machines in the basement, stored up the non-perishables, etc, etc. and waited.  Voila! Nothing awful happened.  We had plenty of wind and rain but no flooding in the basement at the Inn - I know it is because we put those sandbags down there!  Our trees withstood the pounding and the remaining flowers didn't even break up.  We are all very grateful. Our thoughts are with the folks whose lives have been changed forever and hope and pray their situations will mend as quickly as possible.

Veterans Day, November 11th is coming quickly and we are offering a FREE night on the 11th for any veteran who stays with us for 2 nights.  We are grateful to all the service men and women who work so hard and give up so much on behalf of our country and citizens.  Call the Inn @ 717-337-9100.

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