Monday, September 26, 2011

Gettysburg Rain Comes Fast and Furious

Hello, everyone!  We have initiated our first blog and this is our first post.  You understand, of course, we fall into that "senior" segment of the population and blogging will take getting used to but I am not worried!  We will try posting about every two weeks with information about exciting happenings in Gettysburg (see below) and some interesting stories that happen at The Gaslight.

 On Friday, Sept. 23rd the skies opened up and the rain came fast and furious.  Elizabeth phoned me at the grocery store saying maybe I should come back to the Inn quickly.  On East Middle St., there were little waves coursing down the street and some of the water made it into the basement.  We had to place sandbags in front of the kitchen and Garden Room doors but, all in all, we did very well. Gettysburg had nothing compared to Harrisburg/Susquehanna storm a week ago.  The photos are a "rescue" in front of our post office and the Tail Chasers grooming shop across the street from the post office.

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